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#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Donna Gardner Striar

Donna Gardner Striar

Instagram: @sanibelceramics


Donna's highly saturated color palettes of floral and fruitful imagery has us dreaming of heading down to the Florida coast. From plates to platters, to pineapple pendants, her work is very reflective of her surroundings in lush and colorful Sanibel Island.

What sparked your interest in working with clay?

I had always wanted to learn how to throw so I signed up for a class at the Armory Art Center and was instantly hooked!

What inspires your work?

Living in Florida, there are colorful flowers blooming all year long. Loosely translating those in my painting, I like my work to be bold, bright, happy, and a bit whimsical.

What do you love most about working in clay?

Opening the kiln! It's so exciting every single time!

What is most challenging about pursuing a career in ceramics?

For me, it's finding the time as I have a full time job. I always say my 9-5 is is my full time job, but ceramics is my full time passion.

Which AMACO products do you return to that inspire your work?

I love using the Velvet Underglazes. There are so many great prepared colors to choose from, and a hundred more possibilities when you mix them. My go-to is the turquoise and white which I mix to get what I call Tiffany Blue. It makes a beautiful base color background on many of my pieces.