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#howiAMACO InstaFeature - Morgan Gochnauer

Morgan Gochnauer



Morgan is an enthusiastic young potter based out of Pennsylvania whose Instagram feed is full of charming mugs (with the occasional lidded jar, coaster, or candle holder sprinkled in). Her beautiful use of layering glazes is what really caught our eye. Morgan is unafraid of color, favoring blues, pinks, and creams, and her work is characterized by her favor of speckled clays, which give her work a quirky, freckled look.

How did you come to be interested in working with clay?

Due to a series of health issues my freshman year of high school, I dropped some classes, and by complete chance, found myself in an Intro to Ceramics class offered by my school. It was the exact change of pace that both my mind and my heart needed; I was immediately in love. I found a studio in my hometown that allowed me to practice and practice and practice wheel throwing. I learned even more about ceramics in two other classes offered at my school: Functional Pottery and Sculpture. Functional taught me some of the key points of wheel throwing, while Sculpture taught me to combine functionality with creativity. Those classes also introduced me to AMACO’s glazes. Ever since then, I’ve dreamed of working with AMACO’s supplies (and I know that sounds completely cheesy, but it is SO. TRUE.)! Now that I have my own studio space, I have the freedom to create in whatever way I want to. I use a variety of AMACO glazes to bring my work to life and I couldn’t be happier! And I can tell my customers feel the exact same way – so far, they love all of the colors AMACO provides me with; their feedback is so very positive and important!

What inspires your work?

Social media platforms, such as Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook, teach me so much about ceramics its almost ridiculous! I never knew there was so much information about pottery online. I’m inspired by other potters' works on Instagram (their photos and videos – I learn a lot from watching others, both on Instagram and YouTube, actually!). Pinterest is a great place to view different styles of mugs and creative techniques. I see something I like and strive to put my own twist on the piece – something completely me! I’m also inspired by mugs, cups, or bowls I see at other people’s homes or shops. There are so many places to find cool inspiration!

What’s your favorite thing about clay?

I love, love, love how I can rework and refine a piece until it’s perfect. I make a lot of mistakes (and am proud of it, haha!), so knowing that I can always fix a piece is very important to me. Clay has taught me to never give up on a piece!

Which AMACO products do you always find yourself going back to? How do these products speak to your work?

Eeee! The glazes, for sure! Right now, I’m obsessed with AMACO’s Potter’s Choice and Celadon series. There are soooo many options available with just these two sets it’s AMAZING! The layering options are endless, which is what really draws me back to them. Plus, AMACO’s website is so user friendly, I can easily find clear directions for application techniques and layering ideas. I feel very welcomed on their site!

Finish this sentence: I would rather be _______________.

... a cat!

Ninjas, pirates, or wizards?

Um, pirates!

What element do you most closely identify with?

Definitely water.