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Nikki Mizak Wants To Be Part Of Your Every Day


Who is Nikki Mizak

Nikki Mizak is one of six ceramic artists who demoed at the the Amaco NCECA booth in 2017. In addition to being a ceramic artist, Nikki is an Army wife and mother of two who enjoys having her own garden and raising chickens.

AMACO Product She Can’t Live Without

I couldn’t make my work without your Underglazes. (They) are just so perfect for what I make— a great wide range of colors that I can mix and fire in such a reliable and true way. And the slip trailers are great because of the way they fit my hand. I tried just about every one on the market and they are just perfect for me.

Five Fun Facts About Chickens

  • My chickens scare my seventy-five pound Boxer. They are fearless.
  • Chickens are better than any reality TV show out there. The way they communicate and play with each other is so entertaining.
  • I read recently that chickens are empathetic and I believe it.
  • Chicken eggs can have multiple yokes. I think the record is eight or nine.
  • I don’t know about everyone else but chickens make me happy. They provide so much more than eggs and meat. They are loving, social creatures.

When did you begin to express yourself as an artist?

I’ve been an artist since I was very young; painting, drawing, and making things with my hands, including using clay. But things got serious when I was in high school and I made a few really fun pieces including a large bucket-sized mug with an Edward Hopper dinner scene painted on it. I loved being able to combine two of my favorite ways of creating.