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Newbie Clay


NEWBIE CLAY is a brief guide with information to help you start on your clay journey, including video links for making, firing, and glazing your ceramic projects, definitions of common terms in clay, and guidance for choosing your materials. Download the PDF from the Files menu to get started. Have questions not covered in Newbie Clay or feedback for future versions? Please contact us at or 1800-999-5456 or visit us on Facebook or Instagram @amacobrent.

What are cones?

Pyrometric cones (just referred to as cones) are ceramic material that are formulated to bend at a specific degree of heat work (temperature and time). Cones are used in firings to show the degree of heat work and are used as a kind of shorthand way of describing clays, glazes, and firings. Watch the video below to learn more about cones.

Wedging Clay

Before you begin forming with clay it's best to wedge the clay to compress it and remove any air pockets. Watch the video below to learn more about wedging.

Kiln basics

Loading and firing a kiln can be daunting but don't worry! We have a video series on loading, firing, and even maintaining kilns, geared for beginners. View to our video series on kiln basics.

Glazing tips and tricks

Our Top 5 tips for glazing.