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How to create a textured clay spoon


Create a one of a kind, textured clay spoon. Using heavy texture from items found at home or in nature, underglazes and Amaco Celadon glazes, you can make a stunning, and creative clay spoon or scoop.

Create small "bowl" for the spoon.

Form a small pinch pot that will be used for the "bowl" part of the spoon.

Make the handle separately and add texture.

Stamp with found objects such as buttons, shells, caps or fossils. The best results are had with an object with a deep texture. I also like to make my own bisque stamps to use for my texture.

Join "bowl" and handle.

Slip and score spoon "bowl" and handle. Join together and allow to dry.

Bisque fire

Bisque to cone 06.

Paint with Velvet Underglaze of your choice.

I personally prefer to use black underglaze for most of my textured projects.

Wipe away excess underglaze.

Wipe off excess underglaze to reveal the texture.

Glaze with Celadon Glaze

Using a brush, dab the first layer of Celadon Glaze over the underglaze to reduce smearing of the underglaze. Then paint the next two layers of Celadon Glaze over the dabbed layer. The Celadon Glazes are formulated to be semi-transparent, making them an ideal choice for adding color and also allowing the dark underglazed texture to show through.

Glaze Fire

Glaze fire to cone 6!