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Making Underglaze "Ink' for Printing on Clay


This easy-to-make Underglaze Ink is made from AMACO Velvet Underglazes. The Ink can be used to print onto greenware and bisque at temperatures from cone 05 to cone 10! If your interested in this specific project check out the lesson plan on Positive and Negative Printmaking on Clay.

Pour the underglaze into a wide shallow pan

Pour AMACO Velvet Jet Black V-361 into a shallow wide pan. Stir periodically so that the contents evaporate evenly and a skin does not form on the surface.

Let some of the moisture evaporate leaving the underglaze thick

Once some of the moisture has had time to evaporate the underglaze will thicken. The longer it's left uncovered the thicker it will become allowing you to use it for silkscreening or block printing.

Keep the 'Underglaze Ink' in a jar with a tight fitting lid

Store your 'Underglaze Ink' in a jar with a tight fitting lid to use later. If the ink gets too thick you can thin it with AMACO Gun Solution.


Printing on clay is a perfect way to tie 2-D art designs into 3-D forms. In this video we demonstrated making underglaze "ink" and printing using craft foam on paper and clay.