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Peacock Feather Effect with layering PC glazes


Certain glazes in combination will flux strongly and flow. Layering these active fluxing glazes with dots or stripes can make the flow a decorative element.


Active fluxing glazes

We've found that certain combinations of Potters Choice glazes, when layered, give an effect much like peacock feathers. These active fluxing glazes can result in beautiful effects, especially when the layering is done in a dot or stripe pattern.

Brush on 3 coats of glaze and let dry to the touch.

Use a slip trailer to apply second glaze

Fill your slip trailer with the second glaze. Apply as dots, stripes, or another pattern.

PC 42 Seaweed over PC 32 Albany Slip Brown

PC 42 Seaweed applied as dots over PC 32 Albany Slip Brown. A-Mix Clay 11, fired to Cone 5.

PC 37 Smoked Sienna over PC 61 Textured Amber

PC 37 Smoked Sienna applied as diagonal stripes over PC 61 Textured Amber. Buff Stoneware clay 46, fired to cone 6.