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The Rose Project


How to make a rose bouquet.

Assemble Materials

Roll Slab

Use paper to keep clay from sticking to rolling pin and roll out a thin sheet of clay (1/8" or less).

Cut Strip

Cut wavy strips of clay for the flower.

Flatten Edges and Roll

Flatten edges and then begin rolling at one end. As you roll begin to pinch the bottom of the rose together.

Continue Rolling

Continue rolling and pinching at the bottom. Periodically pull petals outward at the top and allow the clay to rip organically.

Finished Rose Bud

This is an example of what your finished rose bud should look like.

Make a Stem

To make a stem, take a chunk of clay and roll out a coil.

Attach Stem to Rose

Pierce the bottom of the rose bud to attach the stem. Score and slip connection areas, insert stem, then pinch rose bottom around stem.

Cut Out Leaves

From same clay slab, cut small slices in a basic leaf shape.

Texture Leaves

Texture the leaf slices by pressing into the Leaf Sprig Mold.

Attach Leaves

Attach the leaves to the stem by again scoring and slipping the connection areas, then pressing together.


Bisque fire to Cone 04. Glaze with AMACO® Matt (LM) glazes, then glaze fire at Cone 05.