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TOP FIVE Suggestions for Successful Ceramic Projects


The top five recommendations for great results in your studio ceramics.


  1. Scoring Tool
  2. ORTON Self-Supporting Cones


Score and Slip

Whenever joining two pieces of clay, score and slip the join. This helps the clay to get a grip and prevents cracking in drying and firing.

Even Thickness

Keep walls of ceramic projects as even as possible. Thick and thin areas may dry unevenly and be prone to cracking in firing.

Be Patient

Allow pieces to dry completely before bisque firing. Fire slowly through quartz inversion, and cool at a moderately slow speed. Do not open your kiln before it has cooled below 350 degrees.


Test all glazes and clays whenever trying something new. Test often, and keep records of your results.

Know Your Kiln

Use cones in every firing, even in computer controlled kilns, to make sure your kiln is firing consistently. Using cones will give you a more accurate picture of what is happening in the kiln, and can show you when problems like faulty elements or thermocouples might be an issue.