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Water Etching with Velvet Underglaze


Water Etching is a great way to give subtle texture to your ceramic work, but by using water etching and Velvet Underglazes together you can take your decoration to a new level!


Apply Underglaze

Start with a bone dry piece, and apply underglaze. You can use one or many colors in whatever pattern you like. Apply two or three coats, allowing underglaze to dry between coats.

Apply Shellac

Once the underglaze is dry, paint a design onto the underglaze with shellac (available at hardware stores).

Let the shellac dry.

Etch the design

Use a wet sponge to remove the underglaze from the unshellaced areas. The design will remain with the underglazes, making a colorful pattern on the bare clay.

Bisque normally, making sure to clean the bisque thoroughly before glazing to remove any residue from the shellac.


Use a clear or translucent glaze to enhance the color. This plate uses Velvet Underglazes, V-387 Bright Red, V-384 Real Orange, and V-391 Intense Yellow. It was glazed with Amaco HF-9 Zinc Free Clear and fired to cone 5.

Happy glazing!