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V-311 Nectar_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Kathleen Kalish

The first thing that drew us to Kathleen's work was, admittedly, a Game of Thrones reference on one of her pieces. There's certainly more than one GoT fan around here and the infamous, "That's what I do. I drink and I know things," quote from the Lannister imp caught our attention. And after scrolling through Kathleen's Instagram it seems we've definitely found a kindred spirit.

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V-321 Lilac_37415S_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Cate Brus-Austin

The first time we saw one of these delicately delicious drip pieces come across our feed, we had to stop and get a better look. Glaze sometimes tends to have a mind of its own, and Cate Brus-Austin definitely uses it to her advantage and the result is something reminiscent of Julia Galloway's work.

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#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Natalie Ottley

Inspired by the organic forms found in nature, Natalie Ottley's work is something special. We are obsessed with her gorgeous earthenware creations! If you're searching for handmade pieces that capture the boundless beauty of the natural world, look no further!

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V-324 Blush_37591F_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Renee LoPresti

We are positively smitten with these lovely, nostalgic pieces created by Renee LoPresti! Come on, who wouldn't be with those adorable paper airplanes? These creations take us straight back to our childhood and remind us of simpler times, and the playful use of bright color makes them oh so fun. Plus, Renee's ability to layer AMACO Velvet Underglazes and elevate simple subject matter to a complex, dynamic object is so incredible!

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V-350 Orange_37429K_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Katie Marks

Colors, crystals, and ice cream - oh my! Katie Marks is a pottery powerhouse. People trip over themselves to purchase her work, buying out her Etsy shop faster than she can keep it updated and we can't blame them. We're totally head over heels for her galactic aesthetic and gold lustre accents.

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V-349 Cactus_37593H_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Natalie Dent

Don't these pieces just make you smile? Between the sprinkles, squiggles, and tiny shapes, Natalie Dent's work has us grinning from ear to ear. Plus, she has a studio cat, and who doesn't love that? There's something adorably charming about the little faces and dots adorning Nat's work. With their primary color palettes they remind us of elementary school, watermelon, and melting ice cream.

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V-327 Turquoise Blue_37420A_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Sarah Davis

Inspired by the timelessness of nature but informed by present-day structures, Sarah Davis's sleek and stylish work looks like it belongs in a magazine spread. One of Sarah's greatest aesthetic stengths is letting the clay speak for itself, using marbling to showcase the vibrant colors and qualities of the medium.

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V-326 Medium Blue_37419Y_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Avie Meadows

Save the drama for your llama! (Or your alpaca, technically.) If you're looking to add a dash of functional fun and playfulness to your home, look no further! We can't get enough of the gorgeous animals that Avie Meadows brings to life with her plates and platters.

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V-353 Dark Green_37430L_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Kira Fawess North

With friendly little signs reading things such as, "Free hug with every mug," and a feed inundated with positive vibes and handmade wares, we really couldn't ask for more than what this girl has to offer. We love Kira North's minimalistic approach, bright smile, the artistic drive. She is, in her own words, always falling in and out of love with different visions and looking for the freedom to pursue her work.

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V-379 Ultra Violet_37620S_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Claire de Lune

We're bringing a dash of playfulness to the blog this week with Claire de Lune's ceramic characters! Claire is a Scottish ceramic artist living and working in Margate. She has created her own world through her artwork, complete with delightful characters and symbols that always make us smile.

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V-381 Amethyst_37476E_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Jenna Vanden Brink

If you're looking for simple but chic handmade wares, stop what you're doing and look no further. Jenna Vanden Brink's clean aesthetic, condensed color palette, and quirky line work masterfully marry the playful and the sophisticated. Her two current bodies of work represent different but complimentary styles, one showcasing bold, solid-color sgrafitto work and the other watercolor-style, painterly details. And, as if her craft and illustrations weren't enough to swoon over in and of themselves, Jenna's Instagram feed looks like something out of an upscale magazine.

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V-387 Bright Red_37504M_6x6Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Laurie Caffery

Camping trip, anyone? We're in! Laurie's adorable wares have had us dreaming of the outdoors since the first time we saw them. Her watercolor-style illustrations depict delicate, whimsical landscapes that include camping scenes, mountain vistas, and the occasional cosy cabin. Just looking at her work evokes a childlike charm that warms our hearts and makes us wish for cozy nights huddled around campfires with hot-chocolate in hand.

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V-391 Intense Yellow_37508T_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO InstaFeature - Constance Stotzer

The moment we saw Constance's work we knew it was something special. We were overwhelmingly amazed by the detail, precision, and care with which she paints both nature and fantasy. Constance's brilliant, bold, and beautiful use of the AMACO SMUGs bring painterly detail into her whimsical work.

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V-388 Radiant Red_37505N_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO InstaFeature - Kate Russell

Learn all about Kate Russell

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V-311 Nectar_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO InstaFeature - Edie Frylings

Edie's bright, screenprinted wares beautifully combine craft, color, and clean lines. A wonderful marriage of modern pops of color with geometric patterning reminiscent of traditional Moroccan mosaics, Edie's plates, platters, and planters add lovely detail to any environment.

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