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Symmetrical Art Deco Tiles

Symmetrical Art Deco Tiles

Dive into the decorative arts and explore the Art Deco movement with lesson plan! In this lesson students will learn to apply media techniques to replicate the Art Deco Style.

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Cut and Fold

Cut the tracing paper to match the dimensions of the bisque tile. Fold the cut tracing paper in half.


Draw half of the design on the folded tracing paper using a felt tip or ballpoint pen.


Flip the folded tracing paper over and trace the design onto the other side.


Turn the tracing paper over so the drawing is facing down. Using a soft lead pencil, scribble over the lines of the design. Be sure that the scribbles are on the opposite side of the tracing paper than the pen drawing.


Open the tracing paper to view your symmetrical design. Make any changes or modifications before transferring it to the tile.


Tape the drawing to the bisque tile with the scribble side down. Trace over the the lines to transfer your design. HINT: use a different color ink to trace. This will help show which lines have been traced.


Remove the tracing paper to view the transferred drawing. Redraw any lines if necessary.

Glaze Over Lines

Fill the Underglaze Applicator with Teacher's Palette Coal Black (TP-1). Using the Applicator apply TP-1 over the lines of the design. Let the lines dry completely.


Once the TP-1 dries, paint over the lines using Teacher's Palette Light Glazes.


Glaze fire the tile to Cone 05.


In this video Art Educator, Kathy Skaggs, and the Director of AMACO Educational Outreach, Diana Faris, go step-by-step through this technique and highlight all the fun ways you can use Teacher's Palette Glazes, Teacher's Palette Light Glazes as well as the Celadon Glazes in this project.