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V-311 Nectar_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

Nikki Mizak Wants To Be Part Of Your Every Day

Nikki Mizak is one of six ceramic artists who demoed at the the Amaco NCECA booth in 2017. In addition to being a ceramic artist, Nikki is an Army wife and mother of two who enjoys having her own garden and raising chickens.

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V-321 Lilac_37415S_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

Some People Need Air to Breathe… Mark Errol Can’t Live Without His Brent Wheel

Mark Errol grew up around clay from a very early age. He attended a small town school with just under five hundred students in grades K - 12. Clay wasn’t on the curriculum. But Mark managed to get his hands on some anyway and his dedication to ceramics began.

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En Iwamura Wants to Grab Your Attention with Bright Color and Dark Humor

Ceramic artist En Ewamura works mainly with large-scale, coil-built sculptures intended for installation spaces. The surfaces of his work come alive with a combination of bright patches of color and beautiful graphic imagery.

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V-324 Blush_37591F_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

Travis Winters Finds His Muse in the Bizarre

Travis Winters loves teaching ceramics to all age groups and skill levels and feels that everyone has something to offer. Currently he is the Programs Manager for Touchstone Center for Crafts in Farmington, Pennsylvania. He started out in college as a math and science major. When he fell in love with ceramics, those earlier interests informed his new passion.

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V-350 Orange_37429K_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Stephanie Wilhelm

We are in love with Stephanie Wilhelm's adorable ceramic wares. Inspired by her love of dogs, each one is an affectionate tribute to her furry, four-legged friends.

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V-349 Cactus_37593H_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Breanne Rupp

What's that? Ombré, bright hues, geometry, and organic line work? Breanne's work is the perfect mix! Her brilliant use of line and form captured our attention the second we saw them!

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V-327 Turquoise Blue_37420A_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Donna Gardner Striar

Donna's highly saturated color palettes of floral and fruitful imagery has us dreaming of heading down to the Florida coast. From plates to platters, to pineapple pendants, her work is very reflective of her surroundings in lush and colorful Sanibel Island.

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V-326 Medium Blue_37419Y_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Danielle Pugel

So, this is a particularly special edition of our blog. While we truly love and appreciate all our artists, Danielle Pugel, affectionately known as Dani, holds a particularly special place in our hearts. We had the pleasure of working directly with Dani at AMACO. We thank her for the legacy of Test Tile Tuesday. Watching Dani work is like watching a small machine.

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V-353 Dark Green_37430L_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Melanie Westheiden

With their beautiful graphic imagery, Melanie's mugs evoke a long drive along the coast or a hike in the desert. Waves, mountains, cacti; her bold use of color and sgrafitto; swirled and speckled clay bodies all make for effortlessly playful pieces. Her love for art is rivaled only by her love for animals.

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V-379 Ultra Violet_37620S_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Ana Spencer

We are so impressed with the strong line-work and vibrant color featured in Ana's work! Her ability to merge images of skulls with stylized Scandinavian flowers and vines to create beautiful patterns and motifs is inspiring.

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V-381 Amethyst_37476E_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Heidi Fahrenbacher

"Color enthusiast, cat owner, dog lover, orchid killer, slip caster" is how Michigan-based ceramic artist Heidi Fahrenbacher describes herself. We love many things about Heidi and her work, but what we are most drawn to her bold use of color. Heidi expertly incorporates black inlay with vibrant, painterly color blocking.

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V-387 Bright Red_37504M_6x6Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Debra Aase

The first time we saw Debra Aase's work we had to pick our jaws up off the floor. Maybe it was the sheer quailty of her line work. Maybe it was her ability to tell a narrative with her collections. Or maybe it was just the mermaids. (Who doesn't love mermaids, right?) Whatever the case, we were instantly mes-mer-ized.

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V-391 Intense Yellow_37508T_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Cléo d'Oréfice

We are especially excited to show you Cléo's work today, because she is a graphic designer, just like the writers of this blog! Subsequently, one of our favorite things about her work is how she's able to bring her knowledge of design and her personal design style into her ceramic pieces.

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V-388 Radiant Red_37505N_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Jarmél Reitz

Whenever we take a scroll through Jarmél Reitz's Instagram, we can't help but crack a smile. After several years of trying to create work based on other people's ideas, Jarmél realized she could use ceramics as an outlet to express the ideas in her own head, and boy would we love to live in her world.

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V-311 Nectar_6x6 Square Tile_Cone 05_WEB

#howiAMACO Insta Feature - Q&A with Brenna Gerlach

Spoons, mugs, pendants, or platters, Brenna Gerlach's work appears in many different forms. She works to bring her visual narratives to life by marrying her love for patterns with the surfaces of her ceramic pieces.

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